Research Workshop on Data Assimilation and Its Application

Research Workshop on Data Assimilation and Its Application
Mathematics Department ITS, November 11-12, 2013

Collaboration between
Mathematics Department-ITS- Indonesia
Delft Institute of Applied Mathematics-TU Delft- The Netherlands

The Material will be presented by: A.W. Heemink
Head of Mathematical Physics
Delft Institute of Applied Mathematics
Delft University of Technology-The Nethelands
Research interest:
Large-scale systems, Data assimilation, inverse problems, Numerical schemes for stochastic differential equations

Dr. Erna Apriliani, Msi
Mathematics Department – ITS – Indonesia
Research Interest:
Data Assimilation, Analyse and Its Application

Dr. Julius Sumihar
Researcher on Deltares - The Nethelands
Research interest:
Data assimilation and operational system.
Two-sample Kalman filter and system error modeliing for storm surge forecasting

Subchan, Ph.D
Mathematics Department – ITS – Indonesia
Research Interest:
Navigation, Guidunce and Control

Data assimilation method is used to combine the results of a large scale numerical model with the measurement information available in order to obtain an optimal reconstruction of the dynamic behavior of the model state.  It  needs less measurement data (information data) and  produce more accurate estimation.
Data assimilation has been applied in a lot of fields such as
  • Tidal forecasting
  • Estimation on water level of river
  • Groundwater pollution concentration estimation
  • Air pollution estimation,
Data assimilation scheme is based on the well-known Kalman filtering such as
  • Extended Kalman filter (EKF),
  • Reduced Rank Square Root Filter (RRSQRT Filter),
  • Ensemble Kalman filter(EnKF),
  • Unscented Kalman Filter(UKF), etc.
In this workshop will be studied:
  • Some schemes of data assimilation,
  • The OpenDA data assimilation toolbox : open-source software data assimilation which developed by TU Delft, Deltares, VORtech
  • The application and simulation of data assimilation.
CP: Dr. Erna Apriliani
Telp: 081331439195